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Businesses: License, monitor and credential your provider network in any state. At scale.

We’ve saved 100,000+ administrative hours for healthcare businesses across the US. Here are the organizations that we serve:

Virtual Care
Reduce onboarding time by 80% and credential providers up to 65% faster. So they can serve more patients and generate more revenue.
Primary Care
Credential, license and monitor while staying compliant. Using Credsy’s end-to-end software solutions.
Health Systems
Drive revenue and stay audit-ready with secure and reliable licensing and credentialing. Customized to meet your needs.
Group practices
Securely store and monitor high volumes of data. Ensure compliance. Get licensed and credentialed at record speed.
Healthcare Start-ups
Fast-growing companies with limited resources will be able to scale faster… and change the healthcare landscape faster.
Urgent Care
Don’t let excel spreadsheets slow you down. Now you can increase your organization’s efficiency. And reduce turnover rate.

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  • Assign provider profile system

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