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Stop letting tedious admin tasks bog you down. We’ll license and credential your providers in any state. While consolidating all your provider data onto one simple platform.

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Licensing can be a total pain. Unless you work with us.

From start to finish, we make the licensing process easy and headache-free.

Lightning fast turnaround time
No delays around here. We’ll license your providers as quickly as possible.
8+ years of experience
We know the process in each state. And we’ve done it thousands of times.
Free provider profile
Securely store all your documents. Monitor requirements. Get notified before licenses expire.
Transparent process
You’ll always know the status of your applications. Every step of the way.
Large team
Our team of experts will submit all your applications on-time. And error-free.
24/7 support
Got a question for us? We’ll get an answer back to you within one business day. Max.

All your credentialing and provider needs. Under one roof.

The only thing you have to do is fill out an application on our website. We’ll handle the rest.


We’ll license your providers in any US state. And notify you before their licenses expire.

  • Initial state licensing
  • Automated renewal and monitoring
  • IMLC Licensing
  • FCVS set-up and management
  • DEA and CSR Registration
  • Free provider profile
  • CME tracking
  • Secure document storage

Provider Network Management

We’ll complete the process for your providers – and ensure they meet all requirements.

  • CAQH registration
  • NPI registration
  • Commercial insurance provider enrollment and re-credentialing
  • Medicare and Medicaid provider enrollment and revalidation
  • Contract negotiations

Payor Enrollment

Track, control and store data for your organization. So you stay compliant – and never get fined by state regulators. Want to join a certain hospital or healthcare system? We’ll file the application for you - and get you privileged.

  • Initial state licensing
  • Automated renewal and monitoring
  • FCVS set-up and management

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We work with *all* types of healthcare organizations

Credsy saved 100,000+ administrative hours for healthcare businesses across the US.
Take a look at the organizations we serve.

Virtual Care
Reduce onboarding time by 80% and credential providers up to 65% faster. So they can serve more patients and generate more revenue.
Primary Care
Credential, license and monitor while staying compliant. Using Credsy’s end-to-end software solutions.
Health Systems
Drive revenue and stay audit-ready with secure and reliable licensing and credentialing. Customized to meet your needs.
Group practices
Securely store and monitor high volumes of data. Ensure compliance. Get licensed and credentialed at record speed.
Healthcare Start-ups
Fast-growing companies with limited resources will be able to scale faster… and change the healthcare landscape faster.
Urgent Care
Don’t let excel spreadsheets slow you down. Now you can increase your organization’s efficiency. And reduce turnover rate.

See how we can save you200+ hours per month

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  • Get new licenses (and renew old ones) with just the click of a button
  • Scale faster – and grow your revenue
  • Stay compliant (and steer clear of fines)
  • Automate your admin tasks (and ditch the paperwork)

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